State of the Game #71 : More Garage Snapshots

Wow, that was a fast week! Time flies when you are making games!

So, what have I been up to this week?

Well my primary focus has been centered around the garage and the building system that it contains.┬áSo I first started with the actual garage building. I started over from scratch and went with a much more visually interesting approach to the model. There is plenty of room within the garage for extra ‘environmental decoration’ as well, so I can continue to add visual interest to what is going on in the background. Take a look at these screen shots:


You may notice some of the ’empty’ bays in the background. Those will come into play in a future update. The idea is you will have 4 ‘bays’ that you can load you builds into. It will then be these 4 builds that you take into battle with you, instead of going back to the garage in the middle of a match.

So, as well as the visual updates, I modified the way the attachment system works. Now the part will only attach once you release the mouse button. There is also a helpful guide line that shows you exactly how the part will attach. Screen shots don’t really convey it well, so take a look at this rough video I made:


Also, I have been doing bug fixing as well. As I write this post, snapshot build 0.5.8_2 is going live, which contains fixes for the MAV’s spawning on top of each other, as well as a semi critical fix for the servers. I came across a race condition (a bug that happens when things happen in a different order than expected) that could cause the server to not start the game properly.

Another very small fix, I updated the server default configs to be the proper settings. I had the Arena mode set to 2 kills and 5 minute timer, when it should have been 15 kills and 15 minute timer.

Well that is all for this week! Until next week I will be working on updating the part rotation feature, making sure it is solid and intuitive. I may also get some more ‘decoration’ inside the garage. Until then, have fun!

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