State of the Game #75: Working on the UI

Welcome back for another exciting week of updates!

This week, I have been focused exclusively on the Garage UI. This is not only bug fixes, but also includes a complete rework, addressing some of the usability issues it had and making sure it is capable of handling the new features coming in the future.

Unfortunately, it is not quite in a state to be released in a snapshot build.


The main menu will be going away, soon to be completely replaced with the new garage. This will not happen instantly, but the idea is to get all the functionality of the main menu, into the garage, and then get rid on the main menu.
I want to do this to help streamline the user experience. It will allow you to change settings without having to quit the current game and it establishes the garage as a kind of ‘home base’ for the player.

The UI will be designed to also be expandable, so other menus will also be folded into the garage as well (like the multiplayer server browser). Again, this is to try and keep the experience as seamless as possible, you are either in the garage or you are in battle (or the loading screen if you get technical).

Well, that wraps up this week. Next week I hope to have the UI work wrapped up and be moving on to saving and loading different M.A.V. builds.

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