Minor hotfix to address some UI issues. * Player level will now display correctly.


Fixed overheating fireworks. Heat damage threshold is set to 85. Fixed Alpha 2 Silver camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed Alpha Gold camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed the M-RAD radiator collision issues.

1 Hotfix released!

Very simple hotfix to address the issue of the mouse being stuck in the middle of the screen

0.6.4 Released

New stable build is out! Issues fixed: -Achievements now unlock -Updated locked achievement icons -Rank is shown in multiplayer -Medals tab from the profile view has been removed -Alpha-2 silver camo is usable by steam users again -New camo pattern added -Massive performance optimizations for Gaint Leap and Grassy creek levels -Fixed the ‘top half of MAV’s are left around’ …

0.6.2 Released

Build 0.6.2 has released! This is a stable build release to address issues with some players not having account progression being tracked properly. Forum tread detailing the issue and instructions on how to recover lost data if you were affected by this bug:

New Stable build 0.5.23

Build 0.5.23 is live. It includes all the changes from the last snapshot, as well as hot patches that were created for the connectivity issues. The build has been delivered to standalone users and Steam users. The installer was also updated.

First Video Test

So we finally got the weapon groups implemented and everything is working pretty nicely with the M.A.V. editor. We will fix up some of the bugs and then move on to implementing some actual gameplay features. To celebrate, we have put together this quick video showing our progress so far. FIRST TEST Quick Build and play test.       …