New Build 0.6.8 Released

New build as a hotfix. Version is 0.6.8

Change log:

-Changed version system to incorporate a hotfix version. New versions will look like this -> Release.Major.Patch.Hotfix_Snapshot

-Quickstart guide button in main menu has hover effect now [Thanks Axleno7!]

-Overwriting MAV’s would not work / no menu present has been fixed [Thanks Axleno7!]

-Added ability to delete MAV’s in the garage [Thanks Axleno7!]

-Fixed attachpoints on the FCS Pitbull line of cockpits [Thanks Fenix!]

-Fixed not having mouse control after completing a match [Thanks Axleno7!]

-Fixed Help menu not closing when pressing esc while in match [Thanks LegacyElite84!]

-Fixed Chat not capturing input correctly in game [Thanks Anvildude!]

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