Screen Shot Saturday 4/21/2012


So this week I don’t have any screen shots, but I did put together a quick video showing off the new features for the week. Also, as always, be sure to give the new build a try so ¬†you can provide feedback on everything.

So the overview of the core features are:

  • Drag and Drop editing of your M.A.V.
  • Damage feedback for cockpits and legs
  • When a part is destroyed, child parts will reattach if there is room
  • Lots of bug fixes

I have updated the instructions text to reflect the new controls as well.

With drag and drop M.A.V. becomes a much less frustrating exeriance for building. The weapon group editor still uses keyboard control, as I found in play testing mouse selection actually makes it worse.

Damage feedback is in, so as you do more damage you will start to see smoking parts and will be able to tell how close to dead something is.

Having the child parts reattach makes it much more realistic and less prone to catastophic failure if you made a M.A.V. with a critical weak spot. (However, it is still possible to make critical weak spots, so build wisely)

Lots of annoying bugs got squashed. Like if you forgot to exit the weapon group editing before launching prevented the settings from being saved.

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