Screen Shot Saturday 4/28/2012

This week for screen shot Saturday I don’t have a whole lot of art to show you. I do have a fantastic new build 🙂

Here are some of the new features for this week :

  • The combat is 2vs2 now. I don’t have any special colors on the teams yet, so try not to kill your buddy.
  • Repair stations now provide ammo as well. This means I killed the infinite ammo now.
  • The AI is ever so slightly smarter. They still don’t work well together or try and heal or get ammo though.
  • Reload indicators! You can now get feedback on when your weapons are ready to fire again.
  • Stats system is in and working. It will only show your stats on death right now. The framework is completly built, so expanding it in the future is easy.
  • Lots of bugs got fixed.
  • Tweaked the sniper rifle to be more accurate, so long range shots are now possible.
  • New smart camera, so you can see everything better!


Now, for some screen shots of it all in action.


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