State of the Game #10 : Models and Textures

It’s been a busy week this week. As you may have noticed, we have a new site design! We took this past week to review what we had been doing and look at what the plan was going forward and we made the choice to focus a little more on the visuals, both of the game and our online presence.

Now, updates to M.A.V. :

Looking at the game and the past videos we made, we felt that there on one thing really holding us back. The grey meshes made everything feel pretty ‘blah’ and it made us sit down and really think about the art direction and what we wanted out of the game graphically.

We made the choice to spend some time focusing on making the models a little higher quality, adding in textures, increasing the number of environmental art in the level, and generally making everything more visually pleasing.

This will include more UI work and a redesigned test level as well.


We also played the game a lot over the past week and this resulted in some AI improvements (I can’t beat 2 AI’s at once anymore) and overall balancing of all the parts. I am still amazed at how well the MAV Generator finds overpowered parts and exploits them. This actually makes it much easier for me to spot design mistakes ┬áthat I missed in my excel sheets.


Stay tuned, we will defiantly have some goodies to show this Saturday.

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