State of the Game #104: Preparing for Kickstarter

Welcome back for another week of updates!

I have not done a whole lot on the game development front this week as I have been very focused on getting everything prepared for the Kickstarter and Greenlight launch!

I did hunt down a nasty little bug that occurred with certain MAV builds. It would sometimes cause freezing or even possibly a crash. I released a fix in snapshot version 0.5.14_5 which went live on Monday. This bug hunt was greatly helped by the posts in the bug report section on the message board, so please remember to post there if you are having any issues!

As for all the Kickstarter stuff, it has been quite the work load!

I started off with the recording of the video. I am going for a split video, with the first part being gameplay and a bit like a trailer, and the second half being me on camera talking about what M.A.V. is and why I am asking Kickstarter for help.

I have to say, it is quite the experience being on camera. It was not something I was very comfortable with and ended up having to re-shoot the whole video 3 times! I think I could make an hour long remix version of me stumbling over my words 🙂

For this up coming week, I will be submitting the Kickstarter for approval, and then start focusing on spreading the word. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the approval from Kickstarter and the project launches! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super anxious about it.

That is all for this week, look for a new stable build later this week (I want to give the people on the snapshot builds a chance to find new bugs) and watch this space for the Kickstarter launch announcement. Until then!

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