State of the Game #105: Stable Builds and Marketing

So, in case you haven’t launched the game recently, there is a new stable build out!

This new release includes a LOT of bug fixes, some balance tweaks, and a great new feature!

Also, as the title suggests, I have been continuing the work on the Kickstarter and Greenlight process and I finally have a solid date of when it will all happen. Both pages will go live on Monday, February 3rd, so keep your eyes on twitter and facebook for the official announcement.

So, what all does this new stable build have in it?

  • Tons of fixes regarding MAV death
  • End Game review bug fixes for single and multiplayer
  • Made Assault rifles burst fire faster, made biped legs more responsive, increase base Quad rocket ammo
  • Fixed stretched polygon issue that could happen on No Man’s Pass
  • Cleaned up lots of error logging code which could throw false errors
  • Made Part rotation in the garage use the movement keys + shift. There is now a full 3 axis of rotation available
  • Fixed the small camera view showing all M.A.V.’s as black
  • Per Part painting is available in the garage. Currently there are 15 colors to pick from.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug that some M.A.V. builds would trigger on death
  • Added support for user account level features

I also created a Quick Start Guide to help new players figure out the smaller details of M.A.V.

Not sure if you saw it in there, tucked in that list, but there is now a full paint system available in the garage. The colors are limited to 15 right now (plus gold if you are an alpha member) but that will be expanded in the future.

Take a look at it in action:

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Now, on to the marketing part.

On February 3rd, I will be launching the M.A.V. kickstarter and greenlight page. In preparation for this, I have been reaching out to some youtubers, twitter friends, and games press types, to get some attention for the event. While I will be doing EVERYTHING I possibly can to get the word out, I simply will not be able to spread it far enough without your help.

So, come Monday, it would be awesome if you could share the kickstarter page and greenlight page with as many people as you can! There are also some pretty cool rewards being offered, so don’t forget to pledge also!

Since the kickstarter will be running, I will also shut down the sales of the game. Once the kickstarter has met its funding goal, I will reopen the sales through paypal. Also, Alpha memberships will NOT be sold anymore. The memberships being sold from February on will be called Alpha-2 memberships and will be $20. So, if you were on the fence about the game, this is your call to action to get it this week!

That is all for today, the next state of the game will be right in the middle of kickstarter madness! So until then, happy MAVing!


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