State of the Game #106: The Kickstarter Begins!

Hey, in case you haven’t noticed (and the title didn’t tip you off) I have launched on Kickstarter!

So far, things are looking pretty good, with the project hitting ~30% of the funding in the first 2 days!  Also, you might have noticed the steam greenlight banners on the website. M.A.V. is up for vote to be able to get on steam, so if you have a steam account and haven’t voted, GO VOTE!

If M.A.V. gets on steam, anyone that already has an account will get a steam key to the game as well.

Around my parts, I have not been able to get any ‘real’ development done, as I have been managing the kickstarter and trying to do my best to get some press coverage. You may have seen M.A.V. out and about, here are the sites I know picked it up:






Gamers Hell

I have send out emails to quite a lot of other sites and many youtubers as well. I am hoping they will pick up on the news later in the kickstarter.

In the mean time, I made a slight tutorial video, covering the garage and just kind of showing the game in its current state. I wanted the video to be ‘pure’ so there are no cuts or edits, just ~30mins of pure gameplay and my lovely voice 🙂

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This coming week I am hoping to get some development time in, as all the emails and general chaos has gotten back to a manageable level.

But, I have a task for you! M.A.V. needs you help, and beyond just the kickstarter and greenlight. I need you to share M.A.V. around like it was the black plague. Make videos, post it on message boards (there are some AMAZING message board posts already, Facepunch and NeoGaf), email writers, anything that helps get it in front of people.

As you can see from the steam stats, once people see the game, they tend to like it!


That is it for this week. I hope to have some exciting news for you next week!

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