State of the Game #107: 75% Baby!

75% and counting!!! Wahoo!!

So, the kickstarter is going great! You can check it out right here  to see the progress it makes everyday. Also, there is this great site called Kicktraq that does all kinds of awesome math and gives you projections for the campaign.Here is M.A.V.’s page.

So with the Greenlight and kickstarter in full swing there have been a lot of new eyes on the game and with that comes feedback. If you have been around here for awhile, you will know that I love feedback, so I have been reading every single comment. One of the big things that stuck with me was how many people pointed out the animations. This is not news, but seeing it be the first thing many people pointed out, it made me realize the importance of it. So I set out to address it, and made a video of the results.

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So it was a fairly minor change, but I think it already makes a huge difference in the way the game feels and handles.

I have also released this change out as a snapshot build, so the alpha members that have the game can start playing with it and provide feedback so it’s perfect for when the Kickstarter ends.

Continuing on, I have been working on multiplayer polish as well. I have been going through the code and fixing up some of the edge case errors and situations that can have very negative effects on a multiplayer game. When the Kickstarter ends, I want the new and old players to be able to have a great time playing together!

That is all for this week, see you next week!

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