State of the Game #11 : HUD and Texture work

I have been super busy this week adding in quite a few new features. This is a great point in the development as the game is getting more and more fun each day. I am almost ready to deliver an updated build, but I feel waiting until Saturday will give me a few more days to catch all the big bugs.

So, here is what is new:

I got 2 models UV unwrapped and textured, the Medium Cockpit and the reverse joint legs. As much as I absolutely hate doing UV’s, I am getting better at it. I would love to hire a full time modeler, but right now that is not in the cards for us.

As for the HUD, I got the 2 biggest issues that were preventing the game from being playable. There are now health indicators for each the parts on your mech that show the percentage of armor remaining. Also, there are now ammo indicators, so you can tell ‘Why did this weapon stop working?’ much easier.


Next up, I need to polish the health indicators, as right now they don’t tell you what part they are for. I would also like to add some nice icons to them, but that is lower priority. Also, I will start creating a stat’s tracker, so you can see how well you played. It will keep track of stuff like, number of M.A.V.’s killed, damage done, damage taken, survival time, and other fun stuff.


As always, comment or visit the forums to give us your feedback!

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