State of the Game #110: Kickstarter is Over!

Wow, what a month February was!

The Kickstarter just finished funding, hitting 158% of its goal and unlocking both of the stretch goals! I couldn’t be happier about it all.

So, you may be asking what happens now?

Well, Kickstarter takes a little bit of time before they can release the backer information to me, but in about 2 weeks, all the backers will be getting access to the game. That means the player base will be doubling!

With the additional players multiplayer games should be easier to join into, meaning that multiplayer issues will become a top priority for development.

However, my number one priority right now is getting steam integrated and working so M.A.V. can be a candidate for Early Access release on Steam. This will also help grow the player base and get people into multiplayer games.

This means the team based siege mode will be getting a lot of love, as well as team centric roles, like the commander, scout, and support M.A.V.’s.

What about all that kickstarter money? 

I have begun my search for artist’s and have found a few people that I really like that can handle the Mechs. I am still on the hunt for a great environmental artist that can help deliver some amazing levels and battlefield locations for the game.


To wrap everything up, I am amazed at the support you guys have shown me. You MADE this project. M.A.V. has the best fans and best community of players I have ever come across. The support you guys and gals have given me has touched me. I will deliver an awesome game to you, that I promise, but it was you, the fans, that made this possible.

Thank you very much.

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