State of the Game #116: Steam!

Great news, M.A.V. has been approved for release on Steam Early Access! The release date has been set for May 1st! You can see it right here!  ( Note: The release date may say May 2nd, depending on your time zone).

Now, for the big question, I have already started the process of getting steam keys for people that already own the game.  I am still working on the best process that will allow me to give them to you, but I will likely tie them to your M.A.V. account and make it view able just like a gift code would be.

So, other that Steam, what have I been doing?

Well, I been very busy working on the Commander update. I did find some time to work on new camo patterns, which will be available in the next snapshot update. Also, I made a video!

I have also been tracking down various bugs that affect the new player experience.

For the Commander Update, I am currently focused on getting the Map view polished up. This means completely redoing the way the map works, not only for the commanders but everyone. The new Map system will be much more flexible and allow me to add new features at a much faster rate. Unfortunately that comes at the cost of having to rebuild the system.

So what exactly will be the point of commanders? Well, for starters they will be the only ones that can activity interact with the map. This means they can set way points, mark areas for ‘defend’ or ‘attack’ commands (that the AI will follow), and select individual units to give commands to. They will also be privy to extra information on the map, like being able to see roughly what type of M.A.V. their team mates and enemies have. They will also be able to calculate distances and see impact locations for large caliber weapons, so they will be invaluable at directing large indirect fire support.

This is just the start for now, and not all commander parts will necessarily grant all the benefits that I have listed. The end goal is to create a role that makes a team much more effective than if that role was not filled.

That is all for this week! See you next time!

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