State of the Game #115: Camo Update

Another week down! This week I added a Camo system to the paint options, which you can see in the latest stable build (0.5.19) out right now!

Check out this sexy mech:


You can also see that the lighting and overall performance of the garage was greatly improved as well. For some users the frame rate in the garage will be double what it used to be!

There is also the option to use completely custom colors, either in solid colors or in one of the 4 patterns currently available. Already, I have seen quite a few new and interesting mechs out on the battle field!

Also in this update, I fixed some issues within the recoil system. With the code fixes I made in the last update, some players pointed out that not all the weapons and legs felt like they should. A lot of people were having a hard time landing shot groups of more than 3 weapons, and that is not the intended design. I went in and did some balance tweaks (I shot over 1500 sniper rounds during testing!) on the weapons, cockpits, and legs to make sure things still behave as expected.

In case you are not familiar with how the recoil system works, here is a quick break down. There are a few elements that affect a single weapons recoil. They are, weapon kick force, Cockpit aim stability, leg stability, and weapon distance from the pivot. Here is how they work together:

(Weapon Kick force * Distance from Pivot) – Leg Stability = Total Kick Force

Now, once the total kickforce is calculated, the aim stability kicks in. This will spread the recoil over a certain number of updates, from 1-17, essentially smoothing the recoil out.

Now all of this really comes into play when factoring in shot groups as each weapons recoil will impact the accuracy of the next weapon to fire, due to the shot delay (pro tip: The first weapon is never affected by recoil!).

If all that bored you, maybe this will wake you up!

The M.A.V. Merch Store is Open!

Due to popular requests (and me wanting to get a shirt myself!) I have opened up a shop selling clothing items, stickers, and possibly other awesome stuff! Time to bring M.A.V. out of the computer an into the real world, with an awesome t-shirt!

Check out the Store Here!

I totally feel a t-shirt design contest in near future, what do you think?

See you next week!

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