State of the Game #114: New Movement Style

Wow, another week has flown by! I swear time is going faster now. Well, on to the updates!

Lets start with this beautiful piece of art!




That is the final concept art for the remake of No Man’s Pass and the basic building blocks and style I will be using when building other icy levels. Next up on the list for getting that level in game is to get the correct models, textures, and shaders to make it happen!

Speaking of updating the game, there is a new snapshot build this week!

This build contains the option of a new style of movement, better fitted to use with controllers. You can enable it in the options menu, under controls. You should go check it out and let me know what you think!


In steam news, the game was officially submitted to Early Access. It’s not available quite yet, as I am still working out some details with Steam and my account rep is on vacation right now. Hopefully though, things will happen quickly though!


Going forward this week I will be continuing to focus on the commander update. This is a very large update, so progress has been a bit slower than I like, but it’s making progress! I also sent out another batch of level concepts, have some new mech concepts coming in, and have been working like mad fleshing out the back-story and story missions. I currently have 9 story missions, that should be playable in any of the 6 roles, which should give the story a great amount of reliability and variety!

Until next week!

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