State of the Game #113: Balance Tweaks and Artwork

Welcome to another State of the Game!

This week I put out a snapshot build with a working Steam integration! Even better news, it didn’t break anything! 🙂 Because the snapshot build went out ok, I am releasing a new stable version today as well. Down below you will see what all changes are in the new build.


The first concept is for a remake of No Man’s Pass, a cold, treacherous map deep in the icy areas of Europa. I have gotten back the first ‘ideas board’ sketches and will be expecting a final image soon. Check it out:


As you can see, there is a LOT of exciting things going on!

Back to the new stable build. While the primary goal of this build was to get the steam integration ‘out in the wild’ and be for sure that it didn’t mess anything up, there are some significant gameplay changes as well.

I fixed the recoil system. In doing some tuning, I managed to uncover a very deep bug with the way recoil was being calculated, which was just plain mathematically incorrect. I redid the recoil system to fix this, so now the recoil is calculated correctly and consistently.

With the updating of the recoil system, all the weapon recoil needed to be re-tuned. This lead me into re-tuning quite a few different stats, in fact to many to list out individually! In general, Cannons and Snipers lost some weight, Armor lost a LOT of weight and is much more viable, all weapons got a small health boost, and the generator weight and power curve was smoothed out.

[Full discussion on the message board]

Next week:

In the coming week I plan to dig in deep and start the Commander update going into full swing. This will be a LARGE update that touches many aspects of the game. The end goal is to have Siege mode be a more strategic game mode, with 6 viable roles to take into battle. This will include an in-game map update, more deployable Aux parts, and a lot of multiplayer features and fixes. Until then, check out the message boards and try some multiplayer!

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