State of the Game #112: Audio, Concepts, and Steam

Wow, it’s already State of the Game time? So, I have been super, crazy, busy this week. I suppose it would be best to break it all into categories.


Varien has started on the sound track! I have been in contact with him and we just nailed down 2 songs and have a great start on the 3rd. The first 3 tracks will be,the Garage Theme, the Victory song, and the Defeat song. It was important to me to start with the Garage theme, as it will be the iconic piece the defines the ‘sound’ of M.A.V.. There is also the very large shadow of the iconic Chomehounds garage loop that both Varien and I knew we would be facing. I am VERY excited about what Varien and I came up with, and I think you will love it. The songs will beavailable in game very soon.


I have got the first concept out and in the hands of a very capable artist. This is an environment concept, for one of the new levels (it will actually be a replacement for No Man’s Pass). The environment is going to be very icy, cold, unforgiving, and perfect place to stomp around in a M.A.V. and blow some stuff up!


Steam integration is coming along great! I have the game up and running with steam (all using a single code base, which is a huge win!) and the steamID acts as the login information (no login screen for steam users). All I need to do now is some backend server work to auto create temp M.A.V. accounts when a steam user first signs in (for stats, achievements, and multiplayer) and then allow steam users to connect their steam account with a previously created M.A.V. account.


I have been doing some bug tracking. Some users are experiencing a crash on the start of the game, which completely prevents them from playing. This bug is my number 1 development priority. It is a tough bug, as I have yet been able to make it happen. I do have a support ticket in with Unity and have been digging at the code and researching anything I possibly can. I have seen similar reports of this bug, both with other unity games and with applications using MonoDevelop (the framework Unity uses). I am hoping I can discover the cause and even if I can’t fix it out right, I can at least ‘code around it’ to avoid the issue.


I have been getting a small, but constant trickle of messages of people getting their codes. While I have sent out all the codes (multiple times) about 30% of them are still unredeemed. So I will keep shouting out : Please message me through kickstarter if you do not have your code!!! 🙂


There was a podcast run by RestfulSHADOZ and it was awesome! Check it out on youtube! This coming Saturday I will also be a guest on another cast on youtube. I will post the link in the message board once the time and place is set in stone.


Busy week! Next week should be just as busy, but that is a good thing. I am hoping to get the steam stuff wrapped up and begin ‘active’ development on the multiplayer features again next week. Until then, happy MAVing!

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