State of the Game #121: Commander Snapshot

At long last, the first official update for the Commander! ComSys parts now have a function!

So, as you know, I have been working on the commander update for a lot longer than I would have liked. Many things came up that ‘delayed’ it, including finishing up Kickstarter, being Greenlit, Launching on Early Access, but now, it has officially started!

So, what has changed?

The primary functionality that has been added in this snapshot are giving the ComSys parts a working function and adding a new Uplink Relay deployment system part.

These two parts work in unison to create an Uplink Area, which will relay information back to the team. This information is ONLY gathered if there is a commander on the team. What do I mean by a commander, I thought M.A.V.’s could be anything? A commander is any M.A.V. with a ComSys part attached. This means, if your ComSys get blown to bits, you no longer get the information it was gathering.

Also, an uplink area has to be continuous to gather information. A lone Uplink Node, halfway across the map from your commander, will do no good until it connects to the ComSys uplink area. You can either have your commander move close enough to the Uplink relay or lay down more relays to ‘connect’ the networks.

Now, how to get the SnapShot builds?

If you are playing though Steam, you will need to open up the properties of M.A.V. in your Steam Library and navigate to the betas tab. In the dropdown list you can select ‘snapshots’. No beta code is needed.

If you are NOT using steam, then just launch the game and click Options in the main menu. Here you will see some text and a checkbox for enabling the snapshots. Check the box, then close down M.A.V. and relaunch. You will now be prompted to update anytime there is a snapshot build available.

That is all for this week! I promise to be faster with the snapshot updates in the future!

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