State of the Game #129: 0.5.20_4 Release!

Welcome back for another State of the game! So, if you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you will not know that I ran into a small issue when building my new computer. In my hurried haste of ordering all the parts (hey, I was excited!) I ordered a 32 bit version of windows and not a 64 bit. I didn’t notice this until I had fully installed everything and on the last program, got invalid CPU errors, as I was naturally trying to install the 64 bit version. After some extensive searching, I was able to get a 64 bit ISO file directly from Microsoft and put it on a boot-able USB drive. With that all taken care of, I present my new workstation!


With a fully up and running computer I jumped right back into development. I started with a small update, as I needed to test all my tools and deployment processes on the new machine. With that said, I present version 0.5.20_4!

Interestingly, I started this update before moving, so I don’t have the full change log available. It was a bug fix update, but I don’t remember what I fixed while still in Germany. So the Changes this week:

* Updated the Reverse legs animations speed so they don’t go into turbo mode when walking in circles.

* Updated the Camera position on all leg types

* Updated camera lag on Biped legs to allow more camera motion

* Updated camera lag on Reverse legs to allow more camera motion

* Updated camera lag on Tank legs to allow more camera motion.

The primary changes were content side, as I didn’t want to introduce new bugs with this update.

Here is an example of the new camera positions:


The camera has been something a lot of players had wanted different, so I think the new position strikes a nice balance of showing your M.A.V., allowing you to aim in 3rd person, and still being able to have good spatial awareness.

I know this is a small update, but I am back in the swing of things now and you can expect things to return to a normal development pace now. Thanks for your patience and I will see you next week!

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