State of the Game #128: Ramping up

As you know, I just recently moved across the world. I still don’t have my belongings, they are still 3 weeks away, but what I did do was order a new development computer. Sadly, due to some shipping delays, I didn’t get all the parts in until ~10 pm last night. So of course I stayed up late putting it all together!


I was up until 1 am and got it all assembled, but didn’t get to install windows or power it up yet. You can also see from the picture I am lacking a desk and seating, which makes working a little hard. I will be picking up the desk and chair today (yay IKEA!) and will hopefully be up and looking at code tonight!

By tomorrow I should be back into normal development and will hopefully have an update before the next state of the game post, even if it’s just a minor one.

Today was supposed to be the last day of the T-Shirt design entries, but since there have only been 2, I will extend it for another 2 weeks.

That’s it for this week!

[I did get an AMAZING surprise on my family by coming back all stealth like. It’s not often you get a surprise as big as that!]

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