State of the Game #127: Sorry for the Absence

I wanted to start this state of the game off with an apology. I have not been attentive to the message board, the steam community, or facebook, as I normally am.  The reason I have been so with drawn is because I have been right smack in the middle of moving! And not just any move, a MASSIVE move. I moved my whole family from Berlin Germany, back to Texas!

This means a ton of changes, but overall, I think this move is going to be great for the development of M.A.V.. For starters, with this move I have also quit the professional game industry, leaving my role at Yager working on Dead Island 2, and instead taking a ‘day job’ in an unrelated field. This means I am free to openly promote and talk about M.A.V. at places like GDC, PAX, and even E3 :). Also, being located back in Texas means I can actually travel to these conferences and attend! Lastly, there is the benefit of being in a more central time zone, one that is more in line with the majority of the player base.

So, also, with a big international move, that means I don’t have my development computer. It’s currently floating across the Atlantic ocean on a giant cargo ship.

Don’t fear though, I was due for an upgrade and have a new, improved, computer on the way already! It will still take me most of the week to get the new computer setup, all the data transferred over and my development environment re-setup. Once I am back up and running, I will be working like crazy to get new updates flowing again.

Also, I want to say sorry for not giving you a heads up about this down time. I had a rare chance to be able to surprise my brother with my move, and since I hadn’t seen him in 3 years I couldn’t pass up the chance for a good brotherly surprise :).

All in all, this has been a very exciting, stressful, tiring, amazing week, and I can’t wait to get back to working on M.A.V.!

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