State of the Game #126 : Logo Reveal


Bombdog studios has a new logo! Thank you everyone that helped pick the new logo by voting in the logo contest.

This week I have been busy continuing work on the website. I had been making great progress on the redesign, but I hit a limitation in the framework I was using. The website is currently authored in a CMS called Concrete5. While this is a great CMS, it has some limitations in it which are deep enough that they cause a serious issue for what I am trying to do. The biggest limitation being how fast the site is and how much memory it uses.

Because of this, I am exploring the option if switching to WordPress. WordPress is highly optimized, but because of it’s wide adoption rate it is highly prone to malware attacks. Security is VERY important factor for me, so I am doing as much due diligence as possible.

Next week, normal development updates should resume. I am very sorry about the delay between the snapshot builds, but I really needed to focus entirely on the website for a few weeks so I could solve (or at least plan out) some of the bigger backend issues.

Also, don’t forget about the t-shirt design contest on the message board. The winner gets a t-shirt of their choice!

Until next week!

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