State of the Game #125: T-Shirt Contest and new Logo

Welcome to another State of the Game! This week I am continuing on my journey into creating a newer, better, website (and thinking about how much nicer it would have been for a professional company to be doing this and not me :/ ) but that is super boring! So, lets have something a bit more fun!


So, you might have noticed that the Bombdog Studios logo has been a bit of ‘work in progress’. You can even see two different versions on it, depending on where in the site you are. I made the choice to hire out the logo design to people that had more time than I did and more experience creating logos. You can see (and Vote!) on the 6 final logo choices here! Once the voting has ended, Bombdog Studios will officially have a new logo for the new website!



Speaking of designers, how about you? I am hosting a M.A.V. themed t-shirt design contest, with the winner getting a free t-shirt of their design (or another one if they would like) AND their design will be added to the official Bombdog Studios merch shop! The official rules are on the forums for how to submit your designs. This should be a lot of fun, so get your designs flowing!


That is all for this week. I am sorry for the lack of interesting news, but I know I will make it up to you in a few weeks! 😉

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