State of the Game #131: T-Shirt Winner!

It’s time to announce the T-Shirt contest winner! The winner is shadow0716, with their ‘Iceberg’ design. I will be working with them to get a free shirt to them and get this design added to the M.A.V. merch store.


In development news, I continued work on the next snapshot, which will include a work in progress remake of No Man’s Pass. I have a basic level design laid out and will be tweaking the sizes of the combat zones and ‘battle flow’. The new level will be 36 sq km, of which a full 16 sq km will be playable area. Compared this to the old No Man’s Pass, which was 16 sq km, with only 9 sq km being playable.

At these distances, it would take ~3 mins for the fastest M.A.V. in the game to go from HQ to HQ, in a siege battle.

I am also experimenting with different times of day, so the current version is actually set at night. I am doing this because it is a feature I have been wanting to support for Campaign mode, but I have not fully tested it out.

Also, there are some additional changes that I have in the snapshot already. While the snapshot is not ready today, do to an issue I am having with unity, I do plan to release it before next week, so here is the change log:

* Changed HQ health on all maps from 5,000 to 30,000. This will help prolong Siege games and prevent single attacker base rushing.

+ Added 3 new camo patterns. These patterns were user created and include some very cool designs. They are, bananas, fuzzy camo, and the ‘uber camo’ a very multi-use pattern.

* Upgraded Unity to version 4.5

+ Added No Man’s Pass v2 as a playable level. It is available for arena and siege mode, in both single and multiplayer. It’s marker is next to the old No Man’s Pass marker.

Well that is it for this week. I will see you soon!

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