State of the Game #137: Advanced Crosshairs!


After much pain and suffering, trying a grand total of 8 [EIGHT!] different methods of getting a better crosshair, I have successfully slayed the Unity beast and have created the ‘Advanced Crosshair System’.

What is this and why does it matter? It’s a system to have smart crosshairs, as before they were just static images. Now the can animate, they can move and react, and as you can see in the picture, they can display data. The crosshair is the picture the only one currently implemented and it is a indirect fire crosshair. It provides you with the exact range your shots will travel, very handy for dropping rounds on someone hiding behind a rock!

There were actually two snapshots this week, 0.5.20_11 and right after I released 0.5.20_12 which was a critical hotfix [I managed to make the new crosshairs work, but break all the old ones]. There are quite a few other changes in these snapshots as well. Most noticeable, you will see there is now a ‘CCTV’ effect on the weapon camera. This makes it feel much more noticeable when you are in weapon camera mode, adds some immersion, and acts as a minor counter balance to your increased zoom and accuracy.


Full Change list below:


Added a ‘CCTV’ effect to the weapon cameras
Fixed missing vents in the garage
Projectiles now do splash damage on direct hits
Decreased howie base damage
Increased Rocket start speed
Increased Rocket Max speed
Increased Rocket acceleration
Created Advanced Crosshair system
– Added ‘Range Finder’ crosshairs to howies and rockets
Fixed blurry text

Add cctv effect to flamethrowers
fixed null exception in weapons with normal crosshairs

That is it for this week! In the coming week I will be focusing back on the level design and fully whiteboxing out No Man’s Pass V2 to prepare to send it out to outsourcing for final art. See you then!

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