State of the Game #138:Team AI

Welcome to the State of the Game! New this week, AI no longer use the ‘default’ green colors. You can now tell who is actually on your team! Exciting stuff!


So I created a system that will assign each team a set of team colors, which can be a solid color or a camo pattern and colors. When AI spawn in, they will use the team colors. This will not affect human players, so you will still need to make sure you know who is on your team when you spawn. This change does affect the AI in arena mode, so it will be a festival of colors [and much easier to track down and revenge kill AI].

Also in the latest snapshot includes several balance tweaks to howitzers and a few other weapons. Full change list can be found here.

I have also been working on the next iteration of No Man’s Pass. This will be the final whitebox version. Once I have that done, I will send the level to a contract to create custom models and while I wait on that I will implement the last features of the Commander update.

Well, that is everything for this week! See you next week!

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