State of the Game #142: AlienFX and Models

Welcome back! This week I have mainly been focusing my time on finding a new environment artist [I think I have one!] and creating models for the last of the parts that I consider to be required to fully know if the levels are properly designed.

In between all of that, I did manage some super small bug fixes and was able to add AlienFX support for anyone that has an alienware computer. For those of you without an Alienware, they have a bunch of LED lights on them and the AlienFX allows M.A.V. to control those lights in response to what is happening on screen. Currently M.A.V. will send light commands for 3 different events. Firing a weapon, having a vital part take damage [legs or cockpit], and having a part be on fire. Hopefully this adds to the immersion for people that have AlienFX.

If you are wondering why I implemented AlienFX lights, it is part of a cross promotion deal that I was approached with. Alienware will help advertise M.A.V. to their 3.5 million users, which should help increase awareness for M.A.V. and hopefully grow the player base!

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