State of the Game #143: Podcast and Updates

Welcome back for another State of the Game!

This week, I actually took a small vacation! It’s crazy, I know, but I went up to the Texas State Fair [even with all the Ebola scare!]. I have lived in Texas a long time, but had never been. I did enjoy it, but think it will be the one and only time I go, haha.

Also, on Sunday RestfulSHADOZ, LegacyElite84, and Sergedavid invited me to join them for the M.A.V. podcast #4. It was a great time, and if you missed it, you can check it out on youtube below

I have continued to make some minor fixes and my work on new models is going to continue this week as well. Sometime this week, there should be an update with at least 1 new part in it. I also hope to add some additional functionality to the CommSys parts, which should aid team work in Siege mode games.

That is all for this week! See you soon!

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