State of the Game #144: New Parts!

Another week, another State of the Game!

This week I was working on some secret parts! In the newest Snapshot build [0.5.20_18, available now] you can check out the all new Hover legs!

I know, the long awaited, always denied that they would exists, hover legs have finally made it into the game. And with this new addition, that means that the wheel legs no longer have to fulfill such a large role. So, with this update, there has been quite a few balance tweaks.

First, lets look at the hovers:


The hover type legs are the fastest legs in M.A.V. [even faster than the old wheels!] but trade this speed for very low load capacity and low part health. Also, since they hover, they don’t have that great of stability or aim stability, so watch out for high impact shots and large recoil forces. They do counteract these drawbacks by having a higher than normal cockpit rotation speed and the do not suffer from fall damage [not implemented yet].

All in all, they are the perfect scout platform and can harass from a distance very well. A hover with some flamers makes for a great sniper cooker as well 😉



As for the rest of the changes, read below:

* Added Hover Legs
* Fixed wheel legs floating through the air bug
* Reduced top speed of wheels
* Increased turn rate of wheels
* Increased acceleration and braking of wheels
* Increased base health of reverse joint legs
* Fixed ‘damaged’ AlienFX lights triggering when being healed
* Added healing AlienFX lights

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