State of the Game #145: Rise of the Hexapod

Welcome to another State of the Game!

Remember this concept?


Well, one of those parts have made it into the game!


Introducing in snapshot 0.5.20_19 [available now] there are several new hexapod class mobility platforms.

What makes them unique? They are the slow, mobile fortresses you would expect. carrying extreme loads, and having unrivaled stability, they make excellent mobile gun platforms for very high recoil weapons. Whether you want to load up with 10 howitzers or go all out with snipers, this is the platform for you. Be careful though, they are slow. And they are big, making them a great target. Also, all those moving parts are hard to armor, so they don’t have the greatest health. If you are looking to absorb a ton of damage, the tank treads will still be your best bet. However, all those legs have a benefit over just stability. They make for very quick turns and some impressive climbing ability. They do take quite some energy to power them though, so watch your generators!

Other changes in the snapshot:

* AI will now use Hovers and Hexapods
* AI will properly utilize the new max load of reverse joints
* AI will try to equip ComSys parts and fulfill the commander role
* Team AI will try to field an AI commander if there is not one on the Team. It is not 100%.
* Tank legs were re-tuned. Lower overall load limit, stats push more to health and medium speed.
* Biped damaged speed was reduced. Critical damage now reduces top speed to 50% instead of 75%
* Fixed bug which caused the hover parts to be duplicated
* Fixed bug that removed the 3rd ComSys part

That is all for this week! I will see you next week!

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