State of the Game #156 : Stats and Achievements Work

Welcome back to another State of the Game! This week, I released a new snapshot build, and began work on the back end stats and achievements system. This system will be responsible for handling all life time, account level, stats, which in turn, will power earning in game unlocks, gaining ranks, unlocking badges, and, for the very rare feats, unlocking achievements.

If that wasn’t enough, this system will also be tying into the Bombdog account system, allowing you to show off your badges and awards on the forums and across the Bombdog site. Yes, that means there is a new website in the works as well.


The image above is just a mock up, but you can see the general idea of how things are going.

This is a fairly complex system, likely one of the most to go into the game so far, so I am trying to approach it in a way that is scalable to many stats and achievements, without bogging down the system with something as silly as stats. I would rather have the CPU power to put more explosions on the screen!

In the mean time, if you have some great ideas for achievements, please share it in the forums!

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