State of the Game #157 : PAX South impressions

Welcome to another State of the Game! This past week I have been hard at work creating a robust system for handling player profiles, stats tracking, and achievements. Things have been progressing great, with the basic system in place, and some of the support systems, like the player profile and the stats tracking, falling in behind it. Work has also been done on the new website to tie the achievements in with your website profile. This means users on the message board will eventually be able to see your achievements and possibly include them in your forum signatures.

I was also able to head down to PAX south on Saturday!

This was my first conference experience, so I was primarily going to check it out. It was pretty awesome!

First of all, there were WAY more people there than I thought there would be. I was also surprised at how easy it was to bump into ‘celebrities’ as I saw Angry Joe right as I went through the door. I managed to say high and shake his hand, but he was pulled in a different direction before I got to really talk with him. Another time, I am sure I will get to meet him and tell him about M.A.V..

Secondly, I now realize how vastly unprepared I was. I did not have any kind of material or plan to talk about M.A.V. or show it off. If some one asked me about it, I couldn’t even show them the trailer on my phone because cell service was non-existent inside the conference.

Lucky for me, it was only a learning experience and not a waste of money. I have already designed some handout cards, started thinking about booth space, and requested quotes for a 9ft tall MAV sculpture ($8k!). The next PAX I go to, I will be there to present M.A.V. to the masses!

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