State of the Game #166 : You Fool!

Don’t worry, there are no cruel jokes contained in this post. Today, you are safe!

I have been continuing to hammer out the issues with the player profile system and I have been making progress!

Also, I have started doing live streams on twitch! You should go follow me,, and help me code. Or watch me play games. Who knows what I will be doing on there! The possibilities are endless!!!!

Ok, back to reality. One great thing did happen on twitch already though. SergeDavid got to pester¬†encourage me to fix the naming of ‘Mobility’ to chassis, and change the ordering of the part categories. On top of that, everyone got to see the changes happen in real time! So, I am a little hooked on twitch and the cool feedback loop that it provides.

That is all for this week! Next week I hope to have the new profile system in and working and a snapshot build out to the masses. See you then!

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