State of the Game #167 : Stat logging

This week I have been cleaning up some janky user code to allow user profiles to work correctly in the game. I created new systems for logging a player into a custom player profile, generating base profiles, and saving changes to them as well. This meant changing up the user login system quite a bit, which I actually did in a live code session on twitch! I will be making an effort to stream development at least once a week, as I found it very different, but very rewarding at the same time. When I do stream, I will be on the raksal teamspeak, so make sure you join it!

So, as a great test of the profile system, I started to hook up all the stat tracking. While I had planned to do this on a live stream, it turns out it went really fast! By leveraging the custom event logger I created, the stats got hooked up super fast and are now tracking correctly, across multiple play sessions. These lifetime stats are collected during gameplay and piped back into the users profile. While I created the functions to transmit the stats profile data across the internet, it’s not hooked up to save it to your bombdog account quite yet, nor be sent through the game to other players.

As for the next live stream, I wanted to save something fun, so I will be streaming the creation of the Achievements system. It’s complicated enough to be interesting, uses a lot of systems in the game, and should be fun having real-time feedback into what type of achievements to support. Look for that stream either tomorrow or over the weekend. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get notified when I go live. And of course follow me on twitch!

That’s all for this week! See you next time!

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