State of the Game #168: Achievements, Achieved

I apologize for the achievement pun in the title. I am also sorry that it will not be the last one. 🙂

This week I was working on the achievements system, starting with a live twitch stream of the development. While I ended up changing a LOT of what was in that stream, it was very nice doing that portion live. I will also be doing another live session in the near future detailing the changes I made, why I changed it, and creating some achievements in real time with the audience!

Currently, the base framework of the achievement system is fully functional, there is just the UI portion that needs to be integrated into the game. This includes the ‘Achievement Earned’ notification, and being able to view your profile and see the earned achievements. This system is also currently isolated, so it does not propagate to your online Bombdog account. This is actually on purpose, and will go through a few snapshots before I start sending data to the online servers, just to ensure it’s as functional as possible. It is not fun trying to clean up bad data from a live server!

After achievements, will come the medal system, which should go VERY fast, as it’s basically the exact same as achievements, only smaller requirements and they can be earned multiple times. At this point, I will likely start adding in player ‘XP’ rewards to the profile. Eventually, the ‘XP’ [totally temp name] will be how you unlock more parts and camo’s for use in Arena and Siege mode games. It also will help with multiplayer, as it will give you a small indication of each players skill level.

Also, if you are not joining the Friday Night Fights, I highly recommend them to you! If you missed them, they normally get recorded from more than one viewpoint and are easy to find on YouTube.

You can watch my full Friday play session here!

Also, as a side note about this up coming week. I will be having to shift my focus to the physical world for 4 days, as I do some late night traveling and some outdoor repair work. Due to this, I might have some limited availability online. If you have an issue that need immediate attention, please post on the message board as the amazing mods can be incredibly fast with responses and have a great basis of knowledge for fixing issues. All account issues will need to be dealt with by me, but I will typically get them resolved in less that 24 hours still.

That is it for this week!

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