State of the Game #169: Manual Labor

Welcome back to another epic State of the Game!

This week was almost entirely lost to me having to go do a bunch of manual labor. You see, when I moved to Germany, I owned a house. Unfortunately, it would have been impossible to sell at the time, do to the ‘Great Recession’. So, the house was put up for rent and a group of people moved in and lived there for the next 3 years.

Sadly, this group of people turned out to not be a great group. Even though I never raised the rent or ever did anything to prevent them from using the house as their own, they made the choice to neglect and destroy the home.

This past week I spent nearly 5 days, working 18 hours a day, along with my fantastic neighbors, trying to repair all the damage they caused. ¬†Even though I only worked on it for 5 days, I was so tired and worn out that I didn’t get much chance to work on M.A.V..

There is a silver lining though!

I don’t have to ever worry about it again and I can now get rid of the house and all the headaches it has caused!

But, now I am back and in the next week I am hoping to wrap up the base amount of achievements, get a basic player profile UI in the game, and a new snapshot build out!

See you next week!

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