State of the Game #170: Account Leveling

Welcome to the weekly State of the Game!

This week I have been focused on the ‘account leveling’ system. This is the general earning of XP and having it increase your overall account level. Account level will be used in all different ways, including unlocking new parts for siege and arena mode games. Campaign mode will have different methods of getting parts, based on the economy of the overall world.

Currently there are 100 account levels, which I feel should keep any completionist busy for some time, though not forever. It’s also very easy to increase the max level, though I don’t want to have parts only available to the highest levels that take forever to unlock. In general, the goal is to have 80% of the parts available at level 50 which is actually at about 25% of the way to level 100 [it’s a quadratic scale].

So far, there are a few things that will earn you XP, including getting a kill, destroying a part, and winning a siege or arena game. In general, a player should be able to progress from level 1 to level 2 in 2 games [or 1 really good arena game], and going from level 50 to 51 will take about 75 games. Level 99 to level 100 will be approximately 150 games. This means going from level 1 to 100 will take several thousand games, something that is not completely out of reach.

In addition to part unlocks, the overall account level will be useful in doing any kind of automated match making and allow people to get an idea of a players skill when they meet.

Now that this system is in, I am looking to move on to providing a UI to the entire player profile now. This means achievement notifications, showing XP gained, and making the profile button in the garage do something. All good things to get done this coming week!

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