State of the Game #171: Profile Page

Welcome back to another exciting week in development!

This week I have been making a strong push to get a snapshot build out. I am needing to add a UI screen to the garage to display to display the current players profile.

This will allow you to see simple things, like lifetime stats, earned achievements, and your current player rank. As the back-end portion of data expands, so will the player profile.

While this process has taken me MUCH longer than I had hoped it would, I do have to remind myself that I am 1 person basically recreating Xbox Live or Steam. So while the next snapshot might be slightly underwhelming do to the length of time it took, it has a significant amount of backend work in it!
Speaking of which, the backend is only have the battle, the other half being the frontend or website in this case. Sadly, it is painfully obvious that the current developer can NOT build the website he said he could and that means he was a huge waste of time and money. After dealing with this through 2 companies and spending nearly a whole year trying to find someone to do it and do it right, I give up and will be doing a new website myself.

I will be doing this after the next snapshot, that way all the systems are in place to make the following snapshot switch to the beta site. I will then develop the game and site together in tandem, and when the next stable build is ready the new site will go live.

I am not really looking forward to this, but the old saying, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself’ is really coming into play at this point.

Well that is all for this week! See you in game!

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