State of the Game #17 : New Multiplayer Build

Hey, this week I have been hard at work fixing all the major bugs in the multiplayer test build. You can grab a copy from here and start playing it now.

I still have a few bugs that are apperent in the multiplayer, namely a bug that doesn’t let the health sync when a new client joins. That is not a HUGE game breaker, as it on’y affects the buildings.

Here are the fixes I got in:

The biggest item you will notice, is there are 4 AI bots in the level now. These bots fight in a free for all (they sadly do not have argo yet, so they are single minded once they choose a target). This allows you to still be able to play if you want to play solo.

The level syncs properly when you join. This mean trees and building that have been destroyed will no longer show up on clients machines.

Some network prediction/smoothing is in, so the camera jitters and laggy movement is much improved.

Looking into the future, I will be focusing on polishing out what is in the game now. This means cleaning up the UI, going through and fixing all the back log of bugs in the editor (Thanks to all the users on the forums that have been posting reports!), finishing the part textures, and adding in the last planned parts for this release.

Once the back log of bugs is fixed and I feel I have a very stable build, I will begin working on paid only features, the first of which will be a procedural part system, something that will guarantee a Massive variety in the parts available. The paid version will start at $10 and will grant access to all future updates. As the game gets more and more complete, the paid price will likely increase, so there is a benefit if you want to support me and the project in the early days. There may be some other rewards to being an early supporter, but I don’t know yet. If you have any ideas, feel free to share!

Also, please check out the forums. We have been having some great conversations about the direction of the game and ideas for parts.

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