State of the Game #173: Website Shaping Up!

So this is more of a ‘State of Bombdog’ as I haven’t been working on M.A.V. and instead have been working on the new Bombdog Studios website. This work is tied directly to M.A.V. though, as it is set to bring a proper user profile system both the game and the website.

The goal is to have a nice looking site that is HIGHLY functional for existing players, but also presents information to new users in a better, easier to digest, way.

Enough talking, here are some in-development pictures!newsite1

New about page:


And a home page sample:


So, first things, there is a lot more white! I wanted to go with something clean so that images and text can stand out and capture attention instead of competing with all the background elements.

More so, other than design, I have been working on a better user system and integrating all aspects of the site into a single sign on. Currently I have tests linking the game login to the web and store login, which at least gets 1 step farther than the current site. This means you can comment on blog posts and interact with the site with the same login as your game login. I also have a website side counter part to the achievements system and am setting up a system to allow that information to be embedded into other sites, so you can display your stats anywhere you want.

Next big step is getting a forum system integrated while making sure I have all the core features of the current message board.

After that, there are 2 big technical hurdles to launching the site. 1 is migrating the server and DNS, so that I can make use of the faster and cheaper server host I have the test site on. The second big hurdle is finding a user friendly way of migrating all the current users to the new user system. Neither one of these is a HUGE deal, but will take time to solve.

That is all for this week! Go post your site feedback to the message board!

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