State of the Game #191: The Spreadsheet to End Them All

Welcome back! So, catching up from last week, the issue turned out to not even be my graphics card! The current speculation is a bad power supply, so I have a replacement on the way.

In the mean time I have been digging through some spread sheets doing some fancy lore and production planning. I have created a master spread sheet to track part rewards for the unlock system. This then spun off into creating a master list for all the part manufacturer parts and is now going through a final lore phase where I start to do rough part ideas and naming. I plan on streaming some of this dev work on twitch tonight! So stop by and help me name some parts!

After I finish up this spread sheet, I will be hopping back into the UI, which will be the game launching options screen. I will be needing to create a better backend system to handle the new options as well, and then make it all available on the server UI and in the server prefs file.

That is all for this week. I hope to see you on twitch!

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