State of the Game #192: Spreadsheets Live!

So, in my great stokes of luck, I got my replacement GPU and still had issues. So we replaced the power supply. Nope, new, different issues, but still not resolved. It appears that I am the most unlucky person in the world, as I had a bad GPU, a bad power supply, and a bad replacement GPU. So I have another GPU on the way. Awesome. While it would be super easy to talk bad about the company that makes these parts [all the same manufacturer], they have been incredibly helpful with this process, have provided great tech support, even at midnight, and are really proving that they care.

So, I am running on integrated graphics still [they are better than my old gtx 260 card] and have been doing some more UI work. I am working on the new game options screen, which has a lot of hooks and tie-ins with actual backend code, so it’s been a bit slow.

One thing that has been super fun though is doing the Giant Spreadsheet of Names with players on twitch! It’s been so fun, I am doing it again tonight!

I will also ‘try’ to make Wednesday nights official game dev stream nights and also participate in the usual Friday night fights. To make sure you catch me when I am live, go to Twitch.tv¬†and follow me and you will get a notification when I start streaming.

As for tonight, I will be live in about 1 hour from this post!

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