State of the Game #195: Finalizing the Game Options

Welcome to this week’s State of the Game! I am continuing to slog through the UI update and have made a lot of progress. Even though I promised no new features, this last main UI screen I am working on has really grown into what could be considered a full feature.

The game options screen will allow a player to fully customize the single player quick battles, which will allow you to practice and be prepared for multiplayer action much better. No longer will you be limited to only 6 AI players, of totally random types. You will also have full control over the AI difficulty, so you can ramp into certain game modes much easier.

You can watch me wrangle with this ‘feature’ tonight on twitch.tv, live!  [Starting at 7:30pm PST]

My goal is to be done with this menu and the game options integration in time to begin work on the sound system by new week. While I will be skipping over some of the UI functionality to move on to the next system, I feel that I need to move on from the UI and finish that up off camera. New stuff is always more fun to watch and nobody wants to see all the tiny things that are left of the remaining UI tasks.

For the sound system, I will be stumbling through it a bit, as I have never done any audio related development before. I am basing it off of a lot of technical papers that I have read about the Frostbite engine and how the audio system in the Battlefield games works. Nothing like no experience plus super high expectations for entertaining live streaming!

That is all for this week! Don’t forget to hop on twitch Wednesday and Fridays to watch me work/play and pester me with questions!


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