State of the Game #199: Dat Dip!

Check out that dip!

There are actually quite a few things in that video that show what I have been up to this past week.

I started with finishing up the howitzer impact explosions.  I wanted something that had the size, but was distinctly different depending on the surfaces that you hit. This lead me to going through every level, object, building, and part to ensure they were all assigned the correct surface types, which will allow the correct VFX and sounds to be played when they are hit.

Next up, I started on some of the bugs we saw during the Wednesday night dev stream. I fixed issues with the AI not respecting the team you assign them to in the game options menu and a fun issue where you would be invisible to yourself if you died while you were zoomed in with your main camera.

Sunday was a very productive day, with lots of great ideas coming from the twitch stream chat.  Since couldn’t do the weapon animations in time for the stream, we instead focused on the casing ejections. Lots of great input from everyone and by the end of the stream, we had working casing ejections and it looked pretty good! I took that momentum and keep going, tweaking the ejections a little bit and adding in the promised weapon animation system.

That just wasn’t enough though! I started wanting more, so I started hacking into the IK system and movement code and created the recoil effect for the legs you see above.

It wasn’t all roses though:

And movement issues:


But everything worked out in the end! The recoil system also works on the biped and reverse joint leg types as well. Tank treads will likely not be affected, hovers will get pushed around, and I am undecided on wheels.

After that, I fixed up some of the bugs we found in the Sunday dev stream, like free for all not working, which was a bug from me fixing the teams before. I also discovered the weapons were only zooming in 95% of the way, so I fixed the math there to ensure they would zoom in  100% to the desired FOV.

Now I am working on fixing weird issues with the howitzers flight path [hint: try using the angled spacer and shooting a howie round straight up. It’s funny]. Tonight we will be addressing Fall Damage on the stream! I hope to see you there!

Also remember, you can keep up to date with all the streams and fun multiplayer action in this thread maintained by LegacyElite84.

See you in the streams!

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