State of the Game #200 : 200 Weeks and Counting

Almost 4 years when I started this blog I made a promise to the community to update you with my status every week. It has now been 200 weeks without a missed update [although some cut it real close!] and I just wanted to say thank you for hanging in there with me on this crazy journey!

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Last week, lots of bug fixes went in and we even added some new features during the twitch dev streams!

We got fall damage into the game, which already is having a big impact to how different levels play out. It also gave Hover legs a nice little buff, since they don’t suffer from fall damage. It will even allow them to escape a pursuer in certain situations!

Another feature, that also helps Hovers out, is the addition of footprints to the game. These not only help ground you with immersion, but also allow you to scout out enemy movements. This can be vital for siege matches. Hovers, will not leave behind footprints, again helping cement them as a perfect platform for scouting.

Other fun fixes include changing the way howitzer and rockets are handled, which allows them to more accurately hit the range finder distance and eliminates all the weird bugs they experienced when fired at a greater than 45 degree angle [done with the help of spacers].

I was also able to fix all the weird camera jitters that came from switching the camera system. I also fixed the issue of not having any real time shadows on Giant Leap, due to switching the in game camera to a differed rendering pipeline [more lights!].

Other than that, Happy Thanksgiving!

Come catch the stream tonight on twitch [7:30 PM PST], where we will be polishing blowing up MAV’s and MAV parts!

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