State of the Game #20 : Polish Pass

Man, week 20 already. Time flies when you are making games!

So this week I have spent a lot of time tweaking part settings to balance the weapons and adding a little more visual polish to the level.

Here, you can check it out in the new build!

This is what I plan for the next week:

So for the next week I plan on adding a few more stats modifiers for the weapons. I will be adding in different scope parts, which will have an effect on the reticule and aiming style of each weapon. I will also be adding in more polish to the sounds, and explosion effects. I will also be addressing any bugs that pop up as well.

I will also start work on the parts builder, so you can go through and build up a part from scratch, which will play into the core game of collecting resources to buy new part components.

I hope you enjoy this build, and as always, stop by the Forums if you have any feedback or bugs.


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