State of the Game #19 : Procedural Weapons

Another week, another feature! This week I have been working hard fixing bugs and adding in a new Procedural part generator. It’s not quite ready to be shown yet, but progress has been very great so far.

I am starting with the weapons first, as they have the most stats to test the rule set on. This same system, however, will be the foundation of all the parts.

In future releases you will be able to expand the possible number of parts by investing into better research and finding extra resources.

With the current system, there are ~50 possible weapon combinations. I am sticking to single stats per unique visual weapon, this way you know what to expect when you see a part. The planned, ‘Full’, release will have upwards of several thousand unique weapons.

Since the foundation is complete, I am now working on fixing some of the kinks. Right now the weapons don’t have a persistent state, meaning you get a different weapon every time you play. The rules set for the weapon generation is going to require quite a bit of tweaking. I may need to implement a balancing method to ensure none of the rules stack to unbalance the game.

This next week I will be fixing up the last remaining issues, making sure it works in multiplayer, and making sure the AI mechs can use the system.

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