State of the Game #202: I have a plan!

Well, what a week it has been! I spent the first part of the week putting together a little info graphic explaining out some of the larger details of the up-coming campaign mode. Check it out:

That’s quite a bit of information!

Other than that, I have finished up the cockpit and chassis explosions [as can be seen in the header image] in the dev streams.¬†I have moved on to the nebulousness¬†area of ‘game flow’, which just covers the path you take from the menu to the in game combat. Recently, I have added the pre-game lobby to single player which lets you switch out your M.A.V. based on the AI builds that were picked.

This will soon help cut out the ‘cheater builds’ by adding in a validation check and forcing a default build if no valid MAV’s are found. I also want to add some additional features to the lobby as well. One interesting bug left the lobby menu on screen while I was playing, which allowed me to select a new build, which I would spawn as when I died! Sounds like a feature to me! I will be tackling some of these issues tonight on twitch, so come and give me your feedback!

That’s all for this week!

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