State of the Game #203: Shader and Treads

I suck a titles. I will work on that.

So this has been a fun week! I have been progressing with some ‘not so fun stuff’ but more importantly, I have been taking requests during the dev streams and that lead me down the path of both fixing up the shader used in M.A.V. along with making the tank treads actually move!

It all started with a simple request, “Can you fix the garage paint UI so it shows more accurately the color you are going to apply?”. Once that was done, it was on to fixing the white outlines that can show up on the camo patterns, then I got a bit carried away and redid the lighting models and scratch map and, you get the idea. There was also this great moment:

I will need to adjust the Garage UI before I can ‘unlock’ that feature though!

Here are some comparison shots: [old followed by new]

  • Old Leopard
  • New leopard

  • screenshot_272

  • screenshot_275

  • screenshot_278

  • screenshot_280

  • screenshot_287

  • screenshot_284

These are the exact same MAVs with the exact same colors, taken from as close to identical angles as possible.

The first thing you might notice, is that you can get a MUCH larger range of color from the new shader. The blacks are much deeper and the whites do not get blown out so much. Also note, the white outline on the camo patterns is now gone, as well as the color artifacting that can be seen in the gray parts of the old shader.

Oh, and about those tank treads:

See you next week! Stop by the dev stream with your ideas!

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  1. Such a long awaited and warmly welcomed change.

    Those tracks look sexy.
    Love the new sound effect of the treads too, it no longer sounds like a tractor and it’s got that almost menacing rumble to it when it stops and turns. Also doesn’t sound like it would drown out everything else.

    Though how do the ‘tank’ chassi look with those floating bars now that the treads have their own texture?

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